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 I've been exploring the borders of Area 51 and other secret facilities since 2003. I push the boundaries and go to places most people have never seen, or even know about.  My explorations are documented with real video, and real pictures. No "flying water towers" or "UFcrOws". I do a significant amount of research to make sure my video's are factual (other than maybe a "fake" sonic boom... ) I'm not just a copycat of someone else's channel, nor do I make endless "messing with the camo dude" videos that any tourist can do that. I present real info, actual research, and true stories.  

For the past 3+ years I have been the victim of an ongoing hate campaign against my Youtube channel, and me personally, by the owner of a "copycat" Youtube channel.

On November 17th, 2019 I was doxed by this individual and some of his "fans", posing as the hacktivist group "Anonymous".

I was forced to change my cell phone number due to nonstop threats and prank calls. My home address was also posted online; I now fear for my safety.

I am going to document here what has transpired over the last 3+ years - his false allegations, his threats, his ongoing bullying and harassment. Screenshots, texts, pictures, video and more.

In case something ever happens to me or this website, my blog and MUCH more is mirrored here:


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Foster VS AKA "The Area 51 Rider"